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Client Feedback: "After my massage I felt deeply relaxed. My pain was gone. I felt peaceful and calm. I felt cared for, comforted and understood. Bruce's private home studio has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere." Dennis J.

Customer Comments About Bruce Strickland

Cincinnati Massage Specialist

January 2016: "As a massage therapist myself, I'm always looking for a great therapist to work on me. I finally found him! Bruce is such a fantastic therapist! He has a very caring touch. His massager studio has a nice, relaxing atmosphere. It feels very private with soothing music playing in the background. I always feel so relaxed after one of his massages. I highly recommend him."

James McDole, Massage therapist and owner of Exclusively Male Massage LTD.

January 2016: "Bruce is a kind and gentle soul with a gift for massage and relaxation. I have been going to Bruce consistently for the past year and always leave feeling relaxed, unknotted, calm and peaceful. Bruce is a fantastic listener and is accommodating when it comes to which areas of the body need the most attention that day for the optimal experience. I highly recommend Bruce, if you are looking for a gentle relaxation massage and want someone who truly cares about you as a person and giving you the best possible experience."

Zach Franke, Health Coach and partner at Foundation 513

"Surviving major illnesses has been stressful and I do all that I can to manage them and the associated emotions. I have dealt with migraine headaches, colon cancer, panic attacks, a stroke, and currently non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

"After just a few sessions with Bruce, my body responded positively. His touch soothes and relaxes me and calms my fears. Bruce can sense what my body and soul need. I look forward to my sessions with him. They give me the hope and courage to deal with my daily challenges.

"I appreciate the fact that Bruce is constantly learning new ways to be more effective in doing massage. I feel special each time he gives me a massage ."

Gerri Lewin, Retired Special Education Teacher

"I see Bruce on a steady basis and I compete in Crossfit athletic events. I was frustrated and disappointed because I had injured the quadriceps muscle in my leg, which was limiting my ability to train at a competitive level.

"When Bruce did some light touch energy work on that muscle, I felt an immediate release of pressure and tension. The muscle recovered rapidly within a few days. This happened after just one session. My outlook shifted to positive. I was able to resume training.

"Bruce's work was relaxing and very effective without deep pressure or pain. I am grateful and pleased to have the full use of my leg once again for athletic competition."

Dr. Pete Haggenjos, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) – Cincinnati, Ohio

"When I came to Bruce I was struggling with constant, unrelenting pain in my back and muscles. All I could think of was my pain! I was in mental anguish.

"After my first session with Bruce, I was deeply relaxed and free of pain. I felt peaceful. My mind was calm. After each session since then, I feel better physically and mentally. These changes make my life, my work, and my relationships enjoyable again.

"Bruce's touch is an amazing gift to me. I feel cared for, comforted, and understood. You have to experience this yourself to understand what a wonderful difference it makes. Bruce's work has transformed me from enduring life with constant pain to enjoying life everyday."

Dennis Johnson, has a demanding job and young children

A steady customer, Jim, sent us this e-mail while on his honeymoon:

"Bruce, I'm ashamed to say I've "cheated" on you. My lovely bride, Stacee talked me into getting a massage with her at the spa in our resort. After an hour and ALOT of money later, I told her it was just okay. She thought I was crazy. I told her that I preferred your massages, because they were much better. I explained to her that the massage at the spa seemed like an assembly line massage. They just went through the motions, and collected their money. The massages you do, however, are personalized and more attention is given to my special needs. You really care how your work is affecting the person. Thanks again!"

Jim M. – Cincinnati, Ohio

"I have received massages by Bruce and they were wonderful. When I went to Bruce for a massage, my neck and shoulders were hurting. I was miserable. After an hour with him, my pain was almost non-existent. I haven't had a problem with that area of my body since. I highly recommend him!"

Deb Giehl – Cincinnati, Ohio

"Besides the wonderful massage itself, the other thing I love about Bruce's style is his communication. He checks in with you during the process to make sure you're getting the exact massage you need and want."

Elaine Suess – Cincinnati, Ohio

"I have known Bruce for many years and I have sent family and friends to him for message. They have all been very happy with his ability to make them feel relaxed and even catch up on some sleep. It's easy to fall asleep while getting a message from Bruce because he has such a calming voice and demeanor. You can feel how much he really cares."

Melissa Zepf – Cincinnati, Ohio

"I was recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Before that, I was looking for a place where I could totally relax. Bruce is very soothing in everything he does. His massages are incredible and spot-on.

"Since I have been going to Bruce, I am definitely calmer. If I do get stressed, knowing I can see him soon has helped. This change has been invaluable. I was new to massage when I came to Bruce and it's been a wonderful and enlightening journey."

Michael Tombragel, partner, Hyde Park Painting and Carpentry

"Three things make Bruce an exceptional massage provider.

"1. Bruce takes a genuine interest in every client he sees. Unlike every other practitioner I have visited, Bruce has built his entire business on creating a comfortable environment for communication. His passion for understanding his client's needs and expectations allows him to customize a massage that truly provides relaxation, renewing the body and spirit.
"2. Bruce has a wealth of knowledge about the science and art of anatomy and massage. He continually strengthens and expands his knowledge to benefit the client, as each client's physical condition is unique and there is no "one size fits all" path to health and well-being.
"3. Bruce uses every resource available to help his clients meet their goals. Bruce is wonderfully connected in the community and never hesitates to help a client, whether that help comes in the form of 60 minutes of peace and rejuvenation, a referral to another health expert, or even the name and phone number of a good handyman."

Marjorie Signer – Cincinnati, Ohio
Marjorie hired Bruce as a Relaxation Specialist in 2007, and continues to use his services.

"Bruce is a very dedicated, gentle massage therapist. He really listens to your needs and makes even the most reluctant patient feel at ease and comfortable. I always feel energized and refreshed when I am finished with my massage."

Carol Oetzel – Cincinnati, Ohio

"Bruce listens to his clients' questions and concerns. He is able to customize his clients' experience because he has the skills, the knowledge, and the inclination to provide a superior experience and service."

Himavat Ishaya – Cincinnati, Ohio

"I began seeing Bruce because I wanted to be more relaxed. I tend to hold stress in my neck and back.

"After several sessions with Bruce, I relaxed more and my neck and back hurt much less. I am feeling happier and more productive. I am so pleased with the results that I now get regularly scheduled massages from Bruce."

Rosemary Schlachter, Professional Fundraiser

"Bruce is an expert Massage Practitioner who cares about his clients. He is such a warm-hearted personable man. You will definitely feel renewed and relaxed when you experience a massage by Bruce."

Mary Carol Gennettt – Cincinnati, Ohio


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