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Benefits Of Corporate Chair Massage in Cincinnati

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The Cincinnati massage experts at VIP Backrubs can help you make sure you get the most from your on-site massage programs.

Give your employees a welcome break. If you are a business in Cincinnati, massage is a great way to boost productivity. After a 10 to 15 minute chair massage, your staff will have a fresh focus.

Rather than being sleepy, the massage we use actually makes your employees more alert and helps them work faster and more accurately. According to a study done by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, employees were able to do math problems twice as fast, with half the errors after workers received a 15-minute back rub twice a week.

"Students at Cincinnati State College are anxious and stressed during final exam week. They received great benefits from Bruce's chair massage. It helps their neck and shoulders relax, and gives them more energy. They appreciate the opportunity to relax and they do a better job on their exams.

"The students like the chair massages very much, so we plan to invite VIP Back Rubs back for future final exam periods."

Mary Beth Barnes, Director of Student Activities, Cincinnati State College


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