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Client Feedback: "After my massage I felt deeply relaxed. My pain was gone. I felt peaceful and calm. I felt cared for, comforted and understood. Bruce's private home studio has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere." Dennis J.

Lower Back Pain Relief With Massage in Cincinnati

Lower back pain relief is often needed by people in these stressful times. Your back may hurt because of your work, where you sit too long on a chair that is not well designed. Too much sitting is hard on the lower back.

"Bruce, you are truly amazing! I came to my most recent appointment with my lower back pain at a level 5 of 10. By the time I left, you had reduced my discomfort dramatically. I have now been pain free for several days. Your massagework gets better every time I see you. Thank you for continuing to become even better at what you do. I would not miss my next appointment for the world!"

Laurie F. Althaus – Cincinnati, Ohio

Lower back pain relief in Cincinnati

Here are some simple things you can do at home to achieve lower back pain relief:

1. If you are in an acute lower back pain episode, apply cold. Apply ice or frozen peas for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Take a break of 20 minutes before applying again.
2. For less severe pain, lower back pain relief can be obtained by taking a warm to hot bath with two cups of Epsom salts in the water. Soak in the bath for 10 minutes. Epsom salts will reduce inflammation, if your back is irritated, swollen, and inflamed.
3. If you notice that you need lower back pain relief after a night's sleep, it may be time to replace your mattress.

Lower Back Pain Relief Resources

I specialize in helping people achieve lower back pain relief because I have chronic lower back pain myself. I

find that massage is quite helpful and receive a regular weekly massage. Please give me a call at 513.503.4404 to make your massage appointment and get the benefit of my experience helping people like you. Your back will thank you.

Lower Back Pain Relief Resources

Recommended Additional Resources for lower back pain relief:
Chiropractic Care – Lower back pain is often related to a misalignment of the pelvis. Dr. Pete Haggenjos at the Thrive Chiropractic Center has a gift for helping people with lower back pain.
Personal Training can be used very effectively to achieve lower back pain relief. Eric Hine of Newbodys in Sharonville will work with you at your fitness level. He will help you strengthen those important core muscles, which help to support the lower back. Many of the floor exercises you will learn can also be done at home.

Note: This page is not meant to be medical advice. You must use your own judgment about when to see a medical professional about lower back pain.


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