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Client Feedback: "After my massage I felt deeply relaxed. My pain was gone. I felt peaceful and calm. I felt cared for, comforted and understood. Bruce's private home studio has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere." Dennis J.

Chair Massage In Cincinnati – Frequently asked Questions

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What is chair massage?

Chair Massage is a massage performed by trained professionals in a specially designed portable chair. It focuses on high-tension areas including the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. Typical times are 10 to 15 minutes.

"After extensive abdominal surgery, I had muscle spasms and tightness in my back. These spasms limited everyday movement and activity. Bruce's chair massages provided instant relief. My muscles relaxed and the spasms stopped. My range of motion greatly improved. Each follow-up chair massage provided additional relief.

"I need a healthy back, flexibility, and a good range of motion to do my work. I travel by plane across the country to our customer's manufacturing sites, where I sit and stand for long periods, and do some heavy lifting. Bruce's chair massages have kept me moving and pain free.

"Thanks to Bruce, I have both mental and physical relief, knowing that follow-up sessions are only a phone call away. Last minute chair massages are normally easy to obtain."

Brad Grubbs, Engineer-Technical Sales at Huntsman

Cincinnati chair massage experts at VIP Back Rubs LLC

Can I keep my clothes on?

Chair massage in workplace settings is all done over the clothing.

Any oils or creams used?


Will this disrupt my workplace?

Absolutely not! We work quietly in a vacant room, quiet corner, or out of the way. Sessions are short and take no longer than a coffee break.

Will employees become too relaxed to work?

Believe it or not, employees are more alert. They return to work with a fresh focus, a better attitude, and improved productivity. Research has shown that employees who receive regular massage work faster and with fewer errors.

How much space is needed?

A massage practitioner needs the space that's equivalent to a standard office chair with lots of room to move around all sides. A five by six foot space is likely adequate.

Do you carry liability insurance?

There have never been any reported cases of someone being hurt by chair massage. Nevertheless, all VIP Backrub professionals have a $2,000,000 liability policy.

Are corporations already doing chair massage in Cincinnati?

Yes. Both large and small corporations are using chair massage in Cincinnati for all kinds of reasons: Some for one time events, and some once a month, to encourage hard working employees and boost their productivity.

Why should we chose VIP Back Rubs to provide chair massages?

Because we do such a good job that we were chosen by Cincy Magazine as the provider of the Best Office Chair Massages and our many customers agree with this assessment.


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