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Client Feedback: "After my massage I felt deeply relaxed. My pain was gone. I felt peaceful and calm. I felt cared for, comforted and understood. Bruce's private home studio has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere." Dennis J.

Your Massage in Cincinnati, What To Expect On Your First Visit...

Get Acquainted with Bruce Strickland, your Cincinnati massage practitioner...

A great massage in Cincinnati requires two people who are in harmony: the massage giver and the massage receiver. You are unique. We want to get to know you, so we can tailor our service to your needs. Your massage appointment will begin by spending about 20 minutes chatting with your massage practitioner, Bruce Strickland.

You can ask him your questions. You can discuss how you've been feeling, any areas where you need extra attention, and any pain you currently have. We schedule time for this talk. If you came for a one hour massage, you will have a full hour on the table.

How to Dress for Your Cincinnati Massage

After we have chatted, Bruce will leave the room so you can undress to your level of comfort. Some clients remove everything except their underwear. Others remove only their shoes.

During the massage only the specific area being worked on will be uncovered. The rest of you will be covered by a sheet. Both the massage room and the massage table are heated, and additional blankets are available, if you become chilled.

Learning to Relax

We will offer you a selection of relaxing music to be played during your massage. No music is also an option. Many of our clients relax by focusing on their breathing. Some choose to remember a time they were very peaceful and relaxed.

Communicating with Bruce

Your time on the table is for you. Feel free to give feedback during your massage. You will not hurt Bruce's feelings or offend him by saying "that's too light" or "that's too deep". If he touches a spot that feels particularly good you can say "please stay there awhile." If he touches a sore spot, say "that is sore".

Bruce may ask you from time to time how it's going. Answer honestly; it's impossible to say the wrong thing.

After Your Cincinnati Massage

At the end of your massage, Bruce will tell you that the massage is finished and to take your time getting off of the table. He will then leave you to collect your thoughts, get up from the massage table and dress.

After your massage, we recommend that you drink plenty of water. If time permits, take a relaxing walk.

"I was recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Before that, I was looking for a place where I could totally relax. Bruce is very soothing in everything he does. His massages are incredible and spot-on. Bruce and Jim Marks did Healing touch for me to help my colitis. The work helped me tremendously, in just one session.

"Since I have been going to Bruce, I am definitely calmer. If I do get stressed, knowing I can see him soon has helped. This change has been invaluable. I was new to massage when I came to Bruce and it's been a wonderful and entertaining journey."

Michael Tombragel, Partner, Hyde Park Painting and Carpentry – Cincinnati, Ohio

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